Republic day India 2017 – Best Images, Pictures and Quotes to show Love for the Nation

Republic Day of India – 26 January

This year India will be celebrating its 68th Republic Day with great on 26th of January to pay respect to the Constitution of India came into existence in the year 1950 on this very same day. The day is celebrated as the most respected national holiday which is declared by the Government of India. A new Indian constitution laws were sketched which were later approved by the Indian Constituent Assembly. The day on 26th of January as India emerged as a republic nation.

Few Images Of Republic Day India

republic day india

republic day india

republic day india

The day is special in its own way as it promotes a feeling of united republic Nation. Republic day is one of the most important events in India. The Republic Day celebration is the best way to offer respect to the country and its country members. Our team is here to help you with some amazing Republic Day images to celebrate this occasion with great ease. On Republic Day there is a custom that many parades are organized in Delhi which is performed in New Delhi of India. The Republic day is celebrated with the true spirit of patriotism, grab the republic day wishes and wallpapers from our homepage and offer our respect to the Nation.

Happy Republic Day Pictures 

republic day india

republic day india

Below are the specially created Republic Day Wishes and Messages that you can use to greet your fellow countrymen.

  • Justice,
    Hope your dreams of the new tomorrow will become true to us
    Happy Republic Day to all!
  • If I’ve got a rocket
    in my pocket; then
    I cannot stop to order to play.
    and away it goes!
    I’ve burned my toes.
    It’s Republic Day.
  • On this very special day,
    let’s promise this to our motherland that
    we will try to do everything
    to enrich and will preserve our heritage
    our ethos and hence our treasure
    Happy republic day friends.
  • On this special day think of your past and
    Try most to build a better future for all the countrymen
    as it is a duty of us!!
    Hence, I am proud to be an Indian.
    Happy Republic Day Indians!
  • On this Republic Day
    Let’s remember our soldiers and greet
    each other;
    let’s carry on to the count years,
    and add on to the numbers;
    let’s think of the magic wand
    to work with miracles by turn
    of that endless night.

Happy Republic Day!

Our team wishes you a very Happy Republic Day; celebrate this national holiday with these modest Republic Day Images!


Spend on the best Valentine’s Day Gifts! for Him or Her

Valentines Day Celebration Ideas

Are you in the mood to surprise your love this Valentine’s Day? We all believe that our special ones are required to be treated in a very special manner especially on this occasion when we need to express how much our togetherness means to us.

The season of love is almost here and all the lovers can easily sense its essence in the flying air. Love is an amazing feeling where the two hearts beats for one another. Though the love bond is there in every relationship but the love bond between a couple makes this festival really worthy of the special celebration. That’s exactly why the Valentine’s Day is celebrated; it is a day which is specially meant to express your love and no holds barred. It really does not matter if you are single, recently married or committed for years, our team is here to guide you to recreate the magic of all the good times that you have spent together.

The festival of love is celebrated in the honor of great Saint Valentine. It was the time when the king of Rome had forbidden most of his soldiers from “right to love” and from the “right to marriage”. Saint Valentine was the one who got those soldiers married off and revolted against this rules of the King. Gradually his message of love and hope then spreads far and the war against the Roman king was initiated. Slowly the whole world has got this message and love and they started celebrating Valentine’s Day as “the day of love”, in the month of February on 14th Day every year.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

On this special day of love, every couple would like to express their love, and nothing is better to express your love than by expressing it with lovely gifts and surprises. No festival is complete without offering gifts to your loved ones then why not to do this for the occasion of love.  It is rightly said that you can express your love with words or with your wide actions, a simple and sweet gift can say it a lot more. So, let the beauty of the love blossom around the world this Valentine’s day, and celebrate it in a special way by showcasing your unconditional love with amazing Valentine’s Day gift.

gifts for valentine

gifts for valentine

gifts for valentine

On this special day, young and old lovebirds get ready up to convey their undying love for each other but nothing can compete with the power of the heart melting gifting ideas. The most critical task is to choose a perfect Valentine gift that improves the strength of your love-bond. Cuddly cushions and soft toys, handbags, chocolates, cosmetics, flowers are one of the best Valentine gifts for your lady love. You can easily choose from the present luxury items, pendants, such as watches, chocolates, gift hampers, cakes and flowers, and much more.

Though the traditional gift givers are men but they too are special and deserve special treatments on Valentine’s Day. So, for all these men who deserves the best and special treatment, All the ladies must search for the things including watches, mugs, fragrances, cushions, cufflinks, wallets, tie sets, and other exciting options.

Here are presented some of the best gifting ideas where you can recreate the magic of love. Shopping and gifting are the best way where you can easily satisfy your surprising ideas and make this Valentine’s Day a little extra special!

Candles and Balloons

Fix up a few numbers of scented candles which can help them to create desired for your special occasions. Candlelight dinner or a candle light decoration can help you to see her desired smile in few seconds. Heart-shaped Candles can help you to surprise your Valentine.

Send her jar of notes

You are required to surprise your loved ones with a jar that contains hand-written messages which can look beautiful in elegantly wrapped linen envelope and tell your love to open a single message every day and enjoy the bliss of love on daily basis. This can be a perfect gift for your loved one to help you smile every day!


Cakes are the most amazing thing that you can use to surprise your love of life. If you have some proposing idea in your mind then you can take on this idea, hide an elegant ring in the cake. But make sure you do it very carefully so that your partner does not swallow it!

gifts for valentine

gifts for valentine

 A custom plush of you two

This can be the best gift for your valentine, and you can use this unique valentine surprise ideas as this is unique that contains the plush versions of you two. You can gift the plush version you two. Your partner would be extremely happy to have this as a gift. Make your love blush out with this cute gift.

Flatter them with compliments every day

What can be easier than this, offer your love little compliments and help them to smile the best without doing anything special. It can be like you have gifted them a box which has got different compliments and you ask them to read on daily basis.

Choose the best Valentine Day gift for your love and express your love for them in a very special manner. Our team wishes you all the best for your gift planning!




Create the Magic of love with Valentine’s Day 2017 Images, Pictures and Wishes

Happy Valentines Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is most popularly known as the Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine which is celebrated as an annual holiday which is celebrated on February 14. It has originated as the Western Christian liturgical feast day of an honored saint named Valentinus, and this feast is recognized as a significant cultural celebration which is gaining more as a commercial celebration in different regions all around the world, although the feast is not celebrated as a public holiday in the country.

Several martyrdom stories are hence associated with the various Valentines that are connected to February 14 as it is added to the later metrologies, including a very popular hagiographical story of the Saint Valentine of Rome. The story tells that he was imprisoned for performing the weddings ceremonies for those soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to the Christians, who were now persecuted under Roman Empire. According to the folk stories, it is said that during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine has healed his jailer’s daughter Asterius, and before he was executed, he wrote her a letter undersigned “Your Valentine” as a farewell.

Valentines Pictures For Him/Her 

valentines day picture

valentines day picture

The day is associated with the romantic love within the literary circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century when the courtly love tradition was flourished. Gradually in 18th-century England, the day has evolved into an occasion where the lovers express their love for each other with a gift of flowers and sending greeting cards called “valentines”. In Europe, The Saint Valentine’s Keys are provided to the lovers “as a symbol of love or as an invitation to unlock the heart of the giver”, as well as to the little children, in order to keep off epilepsy. The Valentine’s Day imageries are used which includes the heart-shaped outline, the figure of the winged Cupid, and doves. Later since the 19th century, the handwritten valentines have given way to the numerous greeting cards.

Saint Valentine’s Day can easily be celebrated as the official feast day in the Anglican Communion and also in the Lutheran Church. Many other parts of the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, on July 6 and on July 30, where the former date is in the honor of Roman presbyter Saint Valentine, whereas the latter date is in the honor of the Hieromartyr Valentine, who holds the position of a Bishop Interamna that is modern Terni.

Valentines Day Best Images 

Valentines Day images

Valentines Day images

Valentine is the festival of love birds and they celebrate this festival with great eagerness to behave in a more romantic manner as they try to surprise their beloved with almost everything. The modes of celebrations that are associated with Valentine have as many things as forever. The Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great zeal and zest as it happens to fall on the birth Anniversary of the Saint Valentine.  This love festival is celebrated in so many countries all around the globe with great zeal and Zest.

The Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February as this day is specially meant for couples where they keep trying to help each other feel special about the love that they cherish. But whatsoever, the love and its importance are celebrated till this day and date. It is to be noted that the European folk traditions are connected with Saint Valentine and whereas St. Valentine’s Day have become marginalized with the modern Anglo-American customs that keeps connecting the day with romantic love, whereas there are some remaining associations that keep connecting it with the saints or as an advent of spring.

Wish Valentine with this Beautiful Valentines Wallpaper

valentines day wallpaper

valentines day wallpaper

The custom of sending flowers, cards, chocolates and other gift items actually originated in the UK, Valentine’s Day still remains very much connected with the various regional customs of England. In the Norfolk, a character named ‘Jack’ Valentine knocks the door of houses leaving behind sweets and presents for the little children. Although he was popular for leaving treats, but many children were scared of this mystical person.

In Slovenia, it is known that Saint Valentine was one of the saints of the spring, the saint who is popular as the saint of good health and the patron of many beekeepers and the pilgrims. It is a common belief that Plants and flowers gain progress in their growing process on this day. It is celebrated as the day when the first work in vineyards and in the fields gets started. It is said that the pair of birds propose to each other or marry each other on that day. Valentine’s Day most recently has been celebrated as the day of love and romance. The traditional day of love was March 12, which is the Saint Gregory’s day, or February 22 which is Saint Vincent’s Day.

So, as the day is here, let’s give one more chance to your love life and celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017 with these beautiful Valentine images that will make your love blush out of excitement! Our team wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


The best of the valentine’s day facebook and whatsapp dp along with status

Valentines Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is the time of the year where the lovers have a great time and this is the best time to be cherished by them. In many countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great zest as the others plan it their own different manner. The Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February each and every Year. The season is celebrated as the time where the love rises up in the air and the lovers try to impress each other to their best levels. Here presented is the Valentine SMS Collection for the Boyfriends and Girlfriends with the help of which they can easily express their love towards each other. The day is celebrated with the celebration where every Boy and Girl, every Wife and Husband surprise each other with Valentine’s Day wishes or SMS, though it is now taken up by the WhatsApp.

Valentines Day Facebook Status & Images

Facebook can be called as the new generation social network service which has almost become a trend these days that were called as new social life. The facebook status tells you about how you are feeling and what you are up to in your life with few clicks your whole friend circle gets to know how you are doing. These status updates reflect your identity as a social being on these social media platform.

Valentines Day Facebook Status

Facebook Status For Valentine

Valentines Day Facebook Status

Valentines Day Status

Valentines Day Facebook Status

Facebook DP for Valentines Day

Similar is the case with WhatsApp, you can send easily wishes and messages on your contact number for free, the thing that you need to do is to have am internet access on your mobile phone. You can set a status on your WhatsApp account, which will be read by all your contact persons. To put up an attractive Valentine Facebook Status and Display Picture all you require is to select a high-quality image which you have set a mind on to flaunt. For this Valentine’s Day, you can easily get these colored images which have a beautiful pattern flaunting the lovable graphics for Valentine’s Day 2017.

                                                              Valentines Day Whats app Status & DP

Valentines Day whats app dp Valentines Day whats app dp

It has now become a social habit to where you keep updating your tiny celebrations on social media and on Facebook it demands no further explanations and definitions at the same time. Valentine is the time where you can have fun with your family and friends. You can have fun with your loved ones, in this chilled atmosphere you can easily enjoy the best moments of life who are now close to your heart. If you wanted to become a social media addict, the first thing that you always do is to change your FB Cover Picture and wish your friends on Facebook, but this occasion is quite different as now whatever you have to do you will do that for your love of the life. Hence, our team is here to provide you with amazing Valentine images which you can use to surprise your beloved. Our creative team has created Facebook and Whatsapp statuses to help you impress your love this Valentine week!

  • May this beautiful Valentine’s Day surprise you with lots of love and Happiness!
  • I always wanted to be with you until the time when the sun falls from the sky. Happy Valentine’s Day love!
  • Nothing is that good, but when I am with U then everything is good.
  • I’ll love to love U until the day after forever. Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day…
  • May the red beauty of this Valentine’s Day fill your whole heart with Love & happiness!
  • Love is a heat… You are very sweet… When two Lips meet then only our Love is ..Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart!
  • But I have seen you and you are an art enough. I Love you!
  • This valentine’s day, I would not like to cry for you because my mascara is way too expensive.
  • If you are in love with me, then wish me Valentine’s Day. In return, I will wish you all the love and happiness!
  • I like being with you because then you are always there when I am in need. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  •  Happiness is a sure to-be-an imaginary condition, which is formerly attributed to the dead, and now that they are usually attributed by adults to the children, and by all the children to adults.
  • Why does lettuce called the most lovable vegetable? Because it’s all a heart as you are to me!
  • A heart that loves is supposed to be always young. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • What happens when you definitely fall in love with a French chef? You will get a nice buttering all the way up.
  • Love can be called an exploding cigar that we all willingly smoke and enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Babe!
  • If you live for hundred days, then I would like to live for a hundred minus one days, so that I never have to stay without you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • What do the squirrels give their counterparts this Valentine’s Day? Forget-me-nuts. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Love is a grand ocean of emotions which is entirely surrounded by the expenses.

It is time to surprise and make your beloved smile by putting up these lovely Valentine’s Day Status, Pick up the one and edit following your love story and make the

Get ready to besurprised with Happy valentine’s day images, HD wallpaper and Pictures

Valentines’s Day 2017

Valentine is full of fun, love, and romance with an eagerness to behave more romantic and decorate your surroundings to surprise your beloved with almost everything unique. The modes of celebrations that are associated with Valentine have as many things as forever. The Valentine’s Day is celebrated as it falls to be the birth Anniversary of Saint Valentine.  This love festival is celebrated in so many countries all around the globe with great zeal and Zest.

The Valentine’s Day falls in the month of February on the 14th day of the month. This day is specifically for all the couples but it was not so as the starting of this day. Saint Valentine initially called for the universal love which meant that all human beings need to realize the importance of the love in the universe. But whatsoever, the love is celebrated as it is celebrated till this date.

                                                                      Valentines Day Images 

Valentines day images

valentines day images

In the United States and in many other places on 14th February; candy, flowers, and enormous gifts are exchanged between the loved ones, and all this is done in the name of St. Valentine. Saint Valentine Day is the day of Love. The story of this patron saint is totally covered in the mystery. We all gather to celebrate February as the month of love, and romance. The St. Valentine’s Day, contains the remainder of both ancient Roman tradition and also the Christian customs. People around the world do celebrate St. Valentine’s Day by offering pleasure to the person they love or adore, the month of february is full of love and joy.

Some take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at the restaurant whereas the others choose this special day to propose for the marriage. There are people who give poems cards, jewelry, chocolates, or flowers (particularly roses) to their lover on Valentine’s Day. There are few who took this time to appreciate their friends in the social circles and in traditions.

                                                Valentines Day Quotes Pictures For him/her


valentines day picture

valentine day picture

It is an established truth that Valentine’s Day in Finland is celebrated as “Friend’s day”, which simply means that it is more about remembering your old friends rather than keeping a sole focus on the romance factor. Whereas Valentine’s Day in Guatemala is called as a Day of Love and Friendship, and people celebrate it accordingly.  It is very much comparable to Valentine’s Day customs and traditions that the United States shows their appreciation towards their friends. Poems can be called as one of the basic function of the communication skills that triggers the positive conversations. It actually helps us to connect with the people at a personal level.

On Valentine’s Day, the café houses and many lounges around the world release offer for the couples. And special romantic Carols are sung to create an ambiance of love and romance. Red is majorly used in the decoration as it is symbolic of the beauty of love and this energizing color is also symbolic of the sexual energies of the humans. The red rose has got the symbolism of love and togetherness among the couples.

The modern activities which are performed on this love festival include gift-giving, an exchange of lovable cards, lighting following the Candlelight dinners, fancy decorations, and finally a good time with your loved ones. It is a very special festival for the two of you as you both require a good time for the two of you. In the hectic life schedules, it is very important that you and your beloved spends a quality time together.

Valentines Day HD WallPapers

Valentines Day HD Wallpaper

Valentines Day HD Wallpaper

You must be searching for Valentine’s Day Wallpaper to make it special for your beloved. We are here to offer you varieties of Valentine’s Day Wallpapers that is surely going to help you by making your beloved fall in love with you once again. You need to put this on your desktop, for on your mobile screen to impress the love of your life. You can easily make this festival grander, by using these beautiful wallpapers and creating an ambiance which your love would love to see.

Our professional team has really worked hard to provide you the most beautiful wallpapers which are sure to take your heart away. Valentine’s Day Wallpaper includes the images of beautiful couples, romantic settings with quotes, Hearts, and roses which takes it to a level of ecstasy. This is indeed the Latest digital way to express your love and affection on this occasion. So it is chiefly a festival of the love-birds who are totally in love but do not get enough time to celebrate this relationship. Here are provided the high-quality Happy Valentine’s wallpapers from this web page.

These Wallpapers are crafted to make you love blush out of happiness and the warmth of your love should reach their heart on this festive season. Have fun with the vibrant colors which are specifically used to make your lover’s heart beat with delight and joy. Use these powerful images to help you celebrate Valentine with warmth and affection. You can also use these wallpapers to tell your lover of how much you love them in a splendid manner. Send your beautiful messages and wishes with the help of these Valentine’s Wallpapers. You can also make these wallpapers, your profile pictures on the social media applications to surprise your special one with love and affection. So, what are you planning for? Download these wallpapers right away and let these colors enter your love life. We wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day and long togetherness!


Valentines Day Images 2017, Quotes to Wish Him/Her

Valentine’s Day is the day which is very special for the lovers. The day is celebrated on the birthday of Saint Valentine and everyone on this day tell their loved ones how special that someone is in their lives on this day. Some would like to express it with flowers while the others tell them with a bling. What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day, do you think you have the right words to express your feelings to her. Whether your special someone is by your side for many years, or she has been far off abroad. This is the time to shower all your affection towards them. Here are provided below loveable Valentine messages that our creative team has created for your lady love. Follow these LOVE QUOTES and get inspired to love your special day on this special occasion of love.

Valentines day 2017

  • A day where you are not in my life should never come and if it does, then that should be the last day of my earthly life.
  • As busy as we both can get, we are required to be reminded that we will always be sweethearts. Valentine’s Day is the day to pause and realize how fantastic you make me really feel
  • Cupid shoots perfectly well for me! As He hit you and me with a direct aim.
  • Love is so weak a word that I actually feel for you. This life is too small to express how dearly I am in love with you.
  • The moment I see you, I feel that a little flame is lit in my heart, to tell I LOVE YOU!
  • You walked in, and the sun broke through the clouds. Suddenly, this life becomes worth living, and it came as a big adventure. Thank you for completing my life.
  • Curved high on the mountain, you are covered deep in dew; I saw only these words and that are I LOVE YOU!
  • Though Valentine’s Day costs more with a girlfriend, but you are my girl and you totally worth it.
  • Every moment when I am not with you, my tears roll down my cheeks and fill the ocean-blue. Be mine, my love for now and forever.

Valentines day images

Every lady deserves her part of love and care, so why not to send her a loving message to present before her your whole heart. Choose the VALENTINE’S DAY WISHES presenting your heart desires for them.

  • Tonight is all for us and I can’t wait to celebrate this Valentine with you; Happy Valentine’s Day Love!
  • Especially on this day, I hope that you feel the level of my madness for you and how grateful it is that I got you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • You always take my breath away, Always. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart!
  • My heart is all yours and it will always be. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Thanks for having me in your life, and for being in mine. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I cherish all the adventures that we have together. Happy Valentine’s Day dear!
  • God is graceful and I know that because he gave me you, to love. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart!
  • I am so excited of our first Valentine’s together and I really hope it’s the first of upcoming many…” Happy Valentine’s Day darling!
  • If you hate me, you can shoot me, but please do not on my heart coz that’s the place where you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Send her a loving Valentine message and be the reason of her rosy blush. Check these beautiful Valentine’s Day Messages and pick up on for someone special!

  • The fluffy cloud can kiss the sky;
    The rose may now kiss a butterfly;
    The morning dew can kiss the grass;
    But you my love may kiss my lips!
    Happy Valentine’s love!
  • My heart is yours FOREVER & ever till my last breath. Stay with me forever, Happy Valentine’s!
  • Hold me tight in your arms and never make me go away.
    Kiss my lips and that too sweet and slow.
    Tell me you love me, only if it carries truth.
    Now, allow me to tell you that
    I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • From the very first day when you walked into my life, you have become the reason why I breathe; you’re the true love of my life. I LOVE YOU, my dear!
  • I give you my Word and I swear that I will love you until my last breath. And from now and forever I’m yours for the better or for the worse…I would like to stand before god and give him my word. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Let me guess about what you are doing…mmmmmm….Reading a book? Na! Hearing your favorite Track? Nope! Then you may be Watching TV? Na! OK, I Caught U! You are missing me and reading my SMS!! Oh, see you are smiling. Keep smiling my love, Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • If I had to choose amongst loving you and breathing then for hundred times I would take my last breath to say that I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

We hope you like the work of our creative team, stick to us for unique quotes and messages of the love season. Our team wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!